Crossfit Games Open 13.1

Don’t forget about the Crossfit Games kick off party this Friday the 8th at 6 pm! RSVP by Wednesday at noon. Cost is $5

Also, educate yourself on planning for the Crossfit Games Open and changes in the gym’s weekly programming for the next 5 weeks.


Warm Up
1) Row or Ride 4 min
2) Squat Seq

Strength, strength endurance, aerobic power

A. Back Squat: 3 x 1 @90% 1RM; rest 2 min, then 5 x 1 @80% – 1 rep every 30 sec
50 SDHP 75/53lbs
25 HR Pushups
50 Wallballs 20/14lbs
25 Toes to Bar

Bully Stretch or
Death Stretch in time remaining
(your choice, whichever you need more)

make up day


Warm Up
1) Row (or Rope) 4 min

Custom Goals Training
Aerobic Power
Partner workout:
As a team, Row 8 x 500m (4 – 500s each) @85%
rest while your partner goes

5 min-
Lunge Seq
Shinbox work

TBD (posted on 3/6pm; after WOD released)
1) train
2) prep for Friday
3) rest if doing Open on Saturday


1) Open 13.1
2) Prep for Saturday


Open 13.1
Row 5000m @75%
Mobility work


ScottCrossfit Games Open 13.1

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