Games Open 13.1 – How To Get YOUR Best Score

The first workout this year, 13.1, is a combination of 12.1 and 12.2 from 2012.

Put 7 minutes of burpees and 10 minutes of snatches together…what do you get? A long, AEROBIC pathway dominated workout.

Last year, I wrote quite an extensive “How To” guide on the snatch workout. It’s here and its helpful.

I also wrote about Burpees. There are many ways to do a burpee and the most springy is typically not the most efficient way.

Put those two together and you have a recipe for success on 13.1.

This year, I want to add a few more tips.

1) STAY AEROBIC until minute 16. This means a consistent, sustainable pace. Exceptions exist.

2) Short sets (10-15 seconds max) on the snatches. Singles can be your best friend. Exceptions exist.

3) The majority of us are more efficient, more aerobically consistent with step down-up burpees. Exceptions exist.

4) If you ever feel this bad in the middle of the 17 minutes, you screwed up and hurt your potential score.

You are way out of aerobic and into the suck. This should happen after the workout.


1) If you know you will not get pass the second weight for snatches, it changes the workout a bit. Basically, you want to go through the 40 burpees and 30 snatches FAST. This time is important for Tie Breaks.

Xi XiaGames Open 13.1 – How To Get YOUR Best Score

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