Are you Investing in your Future?

Most often, we tend to think of food as just something to fill us up. Most Americans put little more thought into what they eat than: a) does it taste good and b) am I full? Sure, they might avoid a few things popularly thought to cause disease such as bacon or bon-bons, but for the most part, almost no thought is given to the idea that each meal is an investment toward the future.

Check out this blog post.
“We need to appreciate that our present behavior represents the “present-time” manifestation of our future goals. If you do not eat adequate fruits and vegetables, your dietary goal is one of chronic disease. For example, if you have breast cancer or prostate cancer in your family, and you eat only one fruit and one vegetable serving per day, then your dietary goal is breast or prostate cancer expression, or whatever disease to which you may be genetically disposed.”

This article by Dr David Seaman also gets into the dismal results from many studies on nutritional supplements. Supplements simply cannot overcome the flood of inflammation from the terrible Western diet.

If you are concerned about your health, learn to start at looking at each meal as an investment in your future. This holds true at any age, and whether or not you are overweight. Yes, this will take a little more planning and preparation than you may be used to. Remember, the reliance on convenience foods is a big contributor to obesity and disease. Check out the recipes or my cookbooks at the Performance Menu for some ideas on easy preparation of healthy meals. Eat those fruits and veggies!!

ScottAre you Investing in your Future?

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  1. Jason

    I read the blog post. I totally understand and agree with it. I ate a doughnut while reading it. What’s wrong with me?

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