Optimizing Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is vital in helping our members look, feel and perform better.

Part of our services include offering members nutrition guidelines and recommendations, as well as specific meal-plans.

All are either directed or supervised by gym founder Scott Hagnas.

Scott contributed the recipes to Robb Wolf’s New York Times best-seller The Paleo Solution, and has written two Paleo-based cookbooks as well as hundreds of nutrition and cooking articles for The CrossFit Journal and The Performance Menu.

Our approach to nutrition is unique and distinctive in several key ways.

We use the Paleo diet as a template, not as a general prescription. Everyone has individual differences and goals — your optimal nutrition should reflect this.

We do not advocate very low carb diets long term.
    1. Very few primitive peoples actually were chronically low carb.
    2. Low-carb diets eventually effect the thyroid and can lead to weight re-gain.
    3. Athletes will perform poorly and risk increased adrenal stress without sufficient carbohydrate in the diet.
    4. Libido/sex hormones typically drop on carb restriction.
Quality protein is essential for health and performance.
    1. Quality trumps quantity.
    2. However, some athletes may need less protein, or periods of unloading.
Healthy fats are an essential part of a good diet.
      Some examples: grass-fed beef tallow, coconut oil, coconut cream, avocado, raw milk butter, olive oil, wild game tallow/lard, non-mercury fish fat.
We want to minimize the intake of food toxins.

This means we advocate eliminating or have rare intake of the following foods:

    1. Legumes, which contain significant anti-nutrients
    2. Most grains (especially wheat), which may cause gut damage and inflammation, as well as decrease mineral absorption.
    3. Soy, which may cause issues with thyroid and sex hormones.
    4. Conventional dairy.
    5. Artificial sweeteners.
    6. Pork, and other conventionally raised meats.
We advocate higher-order nutritional thinking:
    1. You need to be healthy to lose weight.
    2. A healthy digestive system is essential for health and performance.
    3. Food preparation and planning is a key to success.
    4. You should have daily/weekly/seasonal variance in your food profile.
    5. Find and eliminate your food sensitivities.
    6. Supplementation may be needed to correct pre-existing nutritional deficiencies.
    7. Stress must be reduced to gain the most benefit of your nutrition and exercise.
    8. Your nutrition plan must take into account your training demands and goals.
    9. Nutrition for health and longevity is different from that for high performance.
    1. Intermittent fasting: if one is already healthy and has a low-stress life, then maybe. It’s not a magic bullet to leanness or health, as is often promoted.
    2. Cleanses: more beneficial than fasting, but first you need to be eating better food.
Personal Nutrition Services

We offer 1-hour consultations and a 4 Week Nutrition Jump Start program conducted by Coach Rochelle Hagnas.

The consultations are ideal for spot checking your nutrition or getting started on the right track if you are planning on doing Paleo on your own. You should come prepared with a 1-week food log. Coach Rochelle will have other recommendations so you can take full advantage of the consultation.

The 4 Week Nutrition Jump Start program is ideal for those that want accountability and near daily communication from a Coach. It includes an initial 1 hour meeting, a 2 week 30 minute check in, a final 1 hour meeting, and an online food log that is monitored by Rochelle throughout the 4 weeks.

Want to learn more?

Please contact us if you would like more information before getting started.

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