Inspiring each other to reach what we feared was impossible.

Getting Started

As the first CrossFit in Oregon since 2005, we have trained thousands of members to reach their goals.

You will begin with Jump Start or Personal Training.

Jump Start

We know how tough it can be to get going again. Jump Start is the first step towards the results you will reach!

What is Jump Start?

Jump Start is the first 4 Weeks of your membership. It is 2x week and 60 – 75 minutes each class. You will be part of a 6 member team with other beginners.

Get to know us and let us get to know you during Jump Start! If you don’t think it is a good fit, you can end your membership after Jump Start.

What will I do in Jump Start?

Here is a typical 4 Week Jump Start program.

Week 1 – What is it like? Who does it?
Week 2 – Learning to push
Week 3 – I climbed a rope!
Week 4 – Was it good for you?

In our Jump Start program, you will be assessed with injury prevention movement screens that compliment the skills you will be learning each day.

Ideally, you would see a physical therapist for a thorough assessment before starting CrossFit anywhere. We recommend Therapydia Portland.

You will learn basics of barbell weightlifting and the bodyweight movements we use in our training program. You will also gain strength, increase mobility, and improve endurance.

Great results come with proper nutrition. You are provided with an in-depth guide to start a food log and adopt a Paleo diet. If weight loss is your goal, this is the critical part of Jump Start for you.

If you would like extra accountability for nutrition, you can choose to have a coach monitor and provide feedback for your food log.

The first step is the hardest and most important step to take. Let us help you take it!

Personal Training

Our clients start with personal training to learn the proper techniques, build general fitness, and to reach their goals. Personal training is ideal for:

  • Weight loss – Body composition change
  • Extra accountability
  • You been sedentary or are new to exercise
  • You have specific sport-related goals
  • You were referred to us by a medical professional
  • You have significant health or orthorpedic issues
  • Your trainer will tailor workouts for your current level of fitness. You will be ready to join our group classes or may continue personal training to reach your goals.


    We offer CrossFit Class and Open Gym memberships.


    Contact us and meet with a coach at the gym. We want to understand your goals and make sure we are a good fit for you.

    CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource