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Jump Start is a unique program that will improve your fitness, teach you new skills, and introduce you to CrossFit Portland. As one of the first CrossFit gyms in the world (since 2005!), we know your success depends on building new habits.

You can start with the 4-Week Beginner Class OR  get the 4-month package and SAVE $159, the value of the Beginner Class!

Currently, we also offer a 1-Day Beginner workshop and you can test drive us with our 1-off Introduction class.

4 Weeks Into 1 Day

Saturday, November 15th, a 1-Day Jump Start.

We packed 4 weeks of Jump Start into a focused 1-Day workshop.

For more information and how to sign up, click here. 

Test Drive Us

Not so sure about making the 4 Week commitment?

Take just Day 1 of Jump Start!

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Individualized For You

Jump Start Changed Carmen

Jump Start FAQ

“Should I be in shape before Jump Start?”

No! The average Joe/Jane in Jump Start has a desk job and is sedentary besides walking and maybe a bike commute.

“If I am in shape, do I have to do Jump Start? Will it challenge me?”

Yes and Yes. If you are in shape, than you can push yourself harder in the training to reach the desired effect. Jump Start is about learning technique and form with many different movements. It is as much a mental exercise as it is physical.

“What can I expect in the beginner classes?”

Here you go! Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

“How do I create my schedule for classes?”

Beginner classes are on a specific schedule. Click on “Show Me More” above for the upcoming schedule. You have the choice to schedule your Intermediate Classes. Once the choice is made, it is set for Months 2-3-4.

“What if my work schedule changes during Intermediate classes and I can’t make my set class times?”

No problem. We would be glad to work with you on a new set schedule.

“What if I want to stay in Beginner classes for more than 4 weeks?”


“What if I can’t make a beginner class?”

It is your responsibility to attend all classes. You will be required to make up with a $45 1/2 hour personal training session.

“What if I go on a break between Beginner and Intermediate classes?”

Depending on the length of the break and your coach’s evaluation, you may be asked to repeat the Beginner classes.

Yes! I am ready to learn more.

Let us show you how we prepare you for CrossFit. We will send you a 6-part series of emails that give you an in-depth look at our program.

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