Make Change Happen

Jump Start is designed to prepare beginners for CrossFit. You will improve your fitness, get stronger, and learn new skills. It is a reflection of our Core Training Values.

As the first and most experienced CrossFit gym in Oregon since 2005, we have the practical expertise, the best facility, and 10+ year  track record to get you results.

High School Strong

Personalized & Motivating

We believe each individual has unique needs. Our approach is more personalized so you get the right training for you.

Individualized For You

Form & Function

Our primary goal in Jump Start is teaching you how to move well and perform the exercises properly.

Technique First

Get Stronger

We will have your whole body feeling strong and performing at a whole new level.

No More Knee Pushups

Every Jump Start Class Includes

75 Minute Class – 6 Students Max
Mobility Assessment
Warm Up
Movement Preparation
Cool Down
With classes from 6 AM to 6 PM, you can start anytime.
Reserve your class 12 hours before it begins.

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Single Class, $25
3 Class Special, $60.
Save up to 50% per class
with monthly memberships.

One class could change you. It did for Carmen.

Xi XiaGetting Started